If after visiting my reviews and reviewing my website, you find yourself intrigued to fulfill your deepest desires with me, please visit my contact page. Submit the form with all of the requested information.  If you wish to email or text me to say that you sent the form, please send a respectful message via email or text. Please let me know your name, if I have had the pleasure of your company or are a new date, and I am easily aroused by complete sentences! 


Please do not attempt to discuss money or any acts that imply any sexual acts of any kind via phone,  text or email. If you do so, I will end all communication.  

Phone calls: I will not answer random calls. If you text me I will ensure that I am in a discreet place, and I will reply as quickly as I can.


Donations are not negotiable. If they are currently out of your budget, please consider contacting me when I am a better match for your situation. 

Within 10 minutes of arrival, please place the donation (no envelope, please) on the bathroom sink or dresser in plain site. 

If we meet in a public place, please use an unsealed card or gift bag.


I take pride in ensuring that I am clean, smooth and smelling delicious for all of our encounters. Doing the same will ensure that you receive a much more enthusiastic and giving companion.

Please remember that it is hot here! It doesn't take much time in your car to become sweaty or collect harmful germs on your fingers! Please come in and shower and/or wash your hands then I will take that kiss!


If you are offering other providers as references, please give me the provider's name, email, TER or P411 ID numbers, the name or email they know you by and approximate date of service. I only accept recent (within 6 months) references from verifiable, reviewed companions that have good reputations.

Because of all of the recent problems I have had regarding P411 members cancelling or being unreliable and/ or disrespectful, I may require additional information.

I am very reference-friendly. I will always respond to reference requests as quickly as possible.